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CYS Warranty Information


Customers are required to register warranty information on CYS official website ( within 15 days after the film is being installed, the warranty will take effect after registration on the website. If you have any question about registration and warranty information, please contact us at

For CYS Platinum and CYS Premium Warranty Specification, please read or download “CYS Warranty Guidelines”. For CYS PPF, please read or download “CYS PPF#3 DATA SHEET or CYS PPF#6 DATA SHEET”.

Our Warranty only applies when installation is performed by our Certified Dealers, Installers or Distributors.
To make a claim, please contact the Certified Dealer, Installer, or Distributor who carried out your installation at the first time and provide the warranty information. In case your Certified Dealer, Installer, or Distributor, please contact us at Please prepare the following information:

  • Certified Dealer, Installer, or Distributor Information
  • Date of Installation
  • Pictures of Defective Parts

If the case falls within the scope of warranty, CYS will provide timely products for replacement, and the Certified Dealers, Installers or Distributors will provide after-sales service.


I agree with the terms and conditions listed above. I understand that CYS reserves the right of final decisions in case of dispute.