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CYS products features
CYS vehicle film official website / 2017-02-28

  1. Durability: excellent outdoor durability,under normal circumstances can be used in outdoor 3-5 years, no degumming,no fading,no peeling off,no brittle crack;
  2. Low initial tack: before the compaction can be repeated for many times to facilitate the construction of positioning;24hours after curing,with paste stability,ready to remove,high shielding characteristics;
  3. Film surface: after excellent flatness,not easy to fold,easy construction;
  4. Excellent ductility: good tensile strength,perfect package body curve and turns surface;
  5. Stable performance: after construction edge will not peeling up & strinking,not produce residual gum when exposed;
  6. Whole film covering: 1.524 meters wide,ensure the whole film covering,without splicing;
  7. Anti UV: isolation of UV radiation,reduce ultraviolet radiation,high temperature damage to the original car paint;
  8. Corrosion resistance: resistance to chemical corrosion and erosion of acid rain,insects,bird  droppings,resin etc;
  9. Strong shadowing: completely cover the original car paint,showing the wrapping film itself bright  colors;
  10. Scratch repair: slight scratches on the surface of the film can be easily eliminated by heating;
  11. Excellent weather resistance: high temperature, cold,wind and sea area has good weather  resistance,it can always maintain a bright,durable crystal; -40 degrees ~90 degrees within the scope  of normal use;