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Attentions after CYS construction
CYS vehicle film official website / 2017-02-28

1,After the completion of the construction period, the film adhesion is low, do not touch, especially the edge part.

2,There will be the possibility of bubbles is a normal phenomenon, after 10~20 days may disappear naturally, can also be returned to the store for processing or consulting, in order to deal with in a timely manner.

3,Car wash should be carry out to wrapping film after drying (about 3 days later), do not use the watergun to spray seams between the paint and film.

4,Avoid using items such as adhesive paste onto the surface of film

5,Avoid the use of easy to cause damage to the surface of film with cleaning tools. Do not clean the surface of the film with a brush, abrasives or abrasive with a sponge to clean the surface of film.

6,Use a soft wet cloth to clean the surface of the film. If you want to use the Cleaners, you must use a neutral Cleaners for cleaning.

7,If you need to remove the film must be operated by professional installer.